A Podcast Company
A Podcast Company is a leading podcast agency for marketing savvy owners, entrepreneurs & Founders.

Our mission is to help business owners connect with their audience through audio media and position themselves as educators, entertainers and experts.

Our team will set you up with the right equipment, training, and mentoring to ensure your message and mission is heard by your ideal clients.

A Podcast Company handles all sound matters so you can create engaging content and grow your audience.
A Podcast Company
A Podcast Company is a leading podcast agency for marketing savvy owners, entrepreneurs & Founders.

Our mission is to help business owners connect with their audience through audio media and position themselves as educators, entertainers and experts.

Our team will set you up with the right equipment, training, and mentoring to ensure your message and mission is heard by your ideal clients.

A Podcast Company handles all sound matters so you can create engaging content and grow your audience.
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Launch a Profitable Podcast in 5 Easy Steps!
If you’re looking for a guide that walks you through how to start a podcast, you’re absolutely in the right place.  There are a number of steps you’ll need to go through in order to get it launched let alone grow it and make you money and get your voice and message into the world.
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sound ideas
A great podcast starts with a great team. Our team of producers focus on essential, creative considerations when developing your podcast.

We ensure you have the right process, a duplicatable workflow, and our production team in place to create a warm, inviting, and professional-sounding podcast that will keep your audience engaged, interested, and coming back.
sound decisions
We focus on the brand.
We understand your voice, we learn your objectives, and we share your goals to incorporate podcasting as a high point in your marketing, messaging, and content mix.
what we do
We take your idea and support you to create a professional sounding podcast which positions you as an expert in your industry. We pair this with post-production marketing so that more of your ideal customers hear your voice and buy into your vision.
It all starts with an idea. Our Founder, Jason Allan Scott, works with you to develop the show concept, marketing message, and production workflow. 

Jason will coach you through how to record the engaging content that your audience will want to hear more of. We work on brand message, ideal listener, podcast title and artwork and help you plan out your full 11-episode season of your first podcast.

Once you're all set up, send your recordings to our creative team for production, creation of social media assets, SEO tagging and start engaging with your ideal customers in a new way that develops an intimate connection with them.

Our production team sets up up your podcast hosting service and distributes your show to all major podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts®, Spotify®, and Google Podcasts®. 

Our creative team guides you through creating great show titles and your podcast descriptions, taking care of the graphics and social media assets on your behalf. 

Jason will assess your market position, provide ongoing technical support, and advise on how to continue to improve your content quality and drive listeners, ratings and reviews of your show. 
"There are so many businesses competing for customers eyes. Put simply, the ears are less crowded" - Jason Allan Scott
There are currently 5 million YouTube channels. Your chances of being found on YouTube are pretty small right now.

In contrast, there are only currently 880,000 podcast channels. Your chances of getting in front of your ideal clients are far greater with a podcast. 

If you want to get your voice and message out into the world, podcasting is the way to do it. 

This interview with our Founder Jason Allan Scott explains to you exactly how a podcast will keep working for your business. Sit back, enjoy and take lots of notes!
Launch your profitable podcast with 
A Podcast Company
A Podcast Company works with marketing savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and Founders who are looking for new ways to get their message and mission heard by their ideal clients. 

What your business actually does is not important in a podcast, but what IS important is that you have a voice and a vision for what your business does, and you thrive on growth, scale, client and acquisition and sales.

You could be a good fit to work with us if you don’t currently have a way to speak directly to your ideal clients (in a very crowded and noisy social media landscape) because you don’t have an audio marketing strategy, and therefore you are lacking a way to share your message with your audience in an impactful, intimate way.

You know that a well-crafted, purposeful podcast series is the way to get in front of your clients, be seen as an expert and create brand awareness.

If you’re 100% ready to quit your boring scheduled social media posting which gets hardly any likes, shares or engagement you might find that launching a podcast is for you.

We are extremely confident that we can create the exposure you deserve and leverage this to help you secure new partnerships, client acquisition models and develop brand awareness to secure sponsorship for your podcast.

Here’s how we work… 
We offer our clients three things to help them successfully launch their podcast: professional podcast coaching, production and syndication of your episodes and content and promotion to help your podcast get in front of more people.
1. Professional Coaching
You get access to four one-to-one coaching sessions with Jason Allan Scott throughout the process. Jason will get you thinking about your mission and message, and how you will create a highly engaging 10-episode podcast series. In your coaching sessions you will have clarified where the podcast fits into your business and your life, your why, your metric of success, your niche, and who, specifically, the podcast is going to be for. 

You will also make a plan for any guests that you want to invite on your show. You know that one person you’ve ALWAYS wanted to work with? We’re going to get them to guest on your show. The ultimate way in!

You are supported through the process using a simple task-list workflow so you can write your podcast strategy and execute as you go!
2. Podcast Production
Our audio team are on hand to edit your episodes. One of the most important parts of podcasting is audio quality, so our team work hard to make your listeners experience the most enjoyable possible. Your recordings will be equalised, edited for any errors and removal of any filler words like 'um' and 'ah'. Our team will mix in intro and outro segments to your podcast along with music, sponsorships and adverts.

Your podcast season will consist of 10 x 30 minute podcast episodes plus one very short episode (we call this episode 000) that explains what listeners can expect from your show. 

Once your podcast is ready to launch we’ll be busy setting up your syndication platform, getting your show onto all of the podcast directories and Apple Podcasts.
3. Content Creation & Promotion
Once your podcast is ready to launch our content and promotion team are working hard on your behalf to create high quality content to boost your organic SEO, discoverability and download numbers. 

For each podcast episode you’ll get detailed show notes and episode transcription for SEO in a website blog post, value bombs, quote cards and audiograms for your social media sites. Our promotion team will be emailing out to drive listeners and reviews in this period to increase your chances of hitting the 'New and Noteworthy' category on Apple iTunes. 
4. Podcast Audit
Once you’re in a rhythm with your recording, production and promotion you'll have another call with Jason after launch. You’ll spend some time together talking about what went right, what went wrong, what to delete and what to repeat. Jason will give you a social media strategy that allows you to continue to repurpose your podcast content long after your first season is finished. You’ll discuss options for sponsorship for the next season in this call and see how you may be able to get all of your costs covered for your next show. 
What’s the investment?
We offer different packages depending on the needs of our clients. Our packages range from £2,500 - £6,500 per season.

We are confident that the right person working with us will receive sponsorship after their third podcast season to cover the costs of production, marketing and promotion.

If interested in working with us, simply book a call with me using the calendar button below and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you. If it is, we can enrol you on the day and get your first strategy calls booked in the diary. 

Some of my recent client results include:
Now in its seventh seasons, acquired by a global property company after first season, sponsorship deal secured, host now secures speaking gigs and is seen as an industry expert due to the podcast.
Acquired by main sponsor, Assemblr. Reach went up 330% to target audience. Show was franchised and franchisee made £5.5k in his first week by using one of our 23 strategies to monetise a podcast.
Now in its ninth season, The Propcast is sponsored by The UK PropTech Association and the podcast was mentioned in one of the biggest property magazines worldwide.
Formerly 'Not Another Crypto Show', Pynk raised 2m USD by finding and galvanising their audience through their podcast and leading to a crowdfunding platform for their AI tech business
Treasure Time launched at the start of the pandemic and used the brand awareness created through the podcast to create sales, create key partnerships and apply for innovation funding to begin a tech platform
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Welcome to A Podcast Company.
After 20 years as an event planner and entrepreneur, selling three companies on several continents, building the fastest growing aesthetic affiliate company with a global base of 29 locations in under a year while being one of the top event professionals in the world, Jason Allan Scott started a podcast.

One podcast, however, was not enough. With the success of The Guestlist Podcast, he went on to create three more. The first podcast got him not only one, but two invites to Number 10 Downing Street, another he sold to a tech firm now worth 7 figures, and the third he also sold within one season.
Jeff Allen
Account Manager & 
Sophia Giblin
Growth Marketing & 
Content Manager

If you want to record, edit and promote your show your self, let us make it easy for you! We've created the Perfect Podcast Process Tool to help you do just that. For just £99 you can get my secret recipe for podcast success. 
  • 1 Trello Board
  • 43 Simple Steps
  • 217 Micro Tasks
  • ​1 Successful Podcast Launch
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